We are very excited to speak to the International Yachting Community about the incredible role it plays in disaster response work. From the private yachts and Superyachts on the front line, to the thousands of organizations in the yachting community who build them and keep them running. Together it allows them to 'sail with a greater purpose' and what makes this community one of the most influential and benevolent organizations in the world.

Thank you Matson Foundation! The past three years, Matson has been a wonderful partner and supporter of Sea Mercy and our remote island programs in the South Pacific (see below). We are so grateful for their continued support and belief in our organization, our volunteers and in our programs that impact the lives of the remote island people of the South Pacific.

In 2017, Sea Mercy has partnered with Organic Matters Foundation to provide a comprehensive 4-week RISE Program (Remote Island Soils Education) for the remote island of Batiki in the Lomaiviti Island Group of Fiji. Devastated by Cyclone Winston in 2016, there has never been a better opportunity and willingness of the people to ‘return to their roots’ and return to a healthy, self-sustaining, and thriving community.

Sea Mercy President Richard Hackett will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Opportunities in Superyacht Conference in February. He will be discussing how Superyachts are playing an important role in the disaster response work following natural disasters through their First Response Fleet program and Disaster Response Assistance Training (DART) programs.

"Sailing with a greater purpose" has taken on a global perspective with the addition of Sea Mercy's "Give Sight & Light" program. Whether you are sailing in the Caribbean, Central or South America, Africa, India, or the South Pacific, blue water sailors will now have the opportunity to change the lives of the people they encounter at each stop. Making local friends has never been more rewarding.

You can't help but feel encouraged when one of the leading volunteer organizations in the South Pacific recognizes your programs by putting you on the front cover of their magazine as the lead story. Our thanks and best wishes to the 38,000 Rotarian members that serve in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific and look forward to working with you!

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