Rotary Global Grant for Fiji Recovery Program! Rotary International's "3-1 Donation Matching" program can turn every dollar donated toward the Global Grant into four! $100 becomes $400, rebuilding one house becomes four rebuilt houses, and planting one community farm becomes four new farms being planted. Follow this link to learn more about how you can help! Thank you Rotary International!

300 kilometer per hour winds from Cyclone Winston has ravaged the 300+ islands and 900,000+ people living in Fiji. The outer islands in the eastern Lau Group, Vanua Levu,Taveuni and Lomiviti areas, and the western Yasawa islands seem to have sustained the most damage from Cyclone Winston. Storms are nothing new to the people living on the remote islands, however a "Once in a Century" cyclone of this magnitude has never been seen by those living there.

If you're a camper, backpacker or just looking for emergency solar lighting for your home, car or outer buildings, then this is a great way to not only get an incredible product, but to give the "gift of light" to someone in need in the South Pacific. Our "Give One - Get One" is a great way to meet your lighting needs and the needs of a family on a remote island!

You can't help but feel encouraged when one of the leading volunteer organizations in the South Pacific recognizes your programs and efforts by putting you on the front cover of their magazine as the lead story. Our thanks and best wishes to the 38,000 Rotarian members that serve in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific and look forward to working with you!

A sad goodbye to Vanuatu. As the visas for our volunteer captains expire, Sea Mercy will be winding down our 5 month Disaster Relief & Recovery operations in Vanuatu. Below is the Impact Report (with photos) that our program and volunteers had while serving the remote island of Vanuatu since March following Cyclone Pam.

Thank you Matson Foundation! Matson has been a wonderful partner and supporter of Sea Mercy and our programs in the South Pacific (see below). We are so grateful for their continued support and belief in our organization and volunteers and in other organizations they support across the South Pacific.

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