Remembering the Past in Vanuatu - Thatch Roofing

Everything Old is New Again (and better)!

With the possible arrival of metal roofing to replace destroyed roofs and homes still months, perhaps years away, the people living in Vanuatu are returning to the 'old ways' to rebuild their devastated communities following Cyclone Harold. Coconut Thatch weaving workshops are ongoing in every TC Harold affected community on West Santo Island. With few tarps provided since the cyclone (Covid-19 transport restrictions), traditional knowledge exchange among the islands of Santo, Tanna, Ambrym is real resilience. Thatch roofing is renewable, available and quite durable. It also is cooler in the hot times.

The people in Vanuatu are a great encouragement to the rest of the world going through challenging times of Covid-19. Choosing to make lemonade when life gives you lemons is always the best response. Great job Vanuatu!

Please Help Us

As the initial Emergency Response is winding down, the much longer Disaster Recover phase is starting. Sea Mercy is continually securing the aid and supplies needed to help the people of Vanuatu and Fiji to rebuild their lives and economies during this difficult time. Any donation amount is helpful and 100% of your donation goes to the purchase and distribution of aid.

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