Volunteer Resources

The Volunteer Resources page is designed to provide our volunteers and supporters with the forms, files and fundraising tools they need. We anticipate this page to change frequently, so please bookmark it and visit us often.

Travel Forms and Files

We will be providing links to all registration and approval forms needed by the Travel and Health Ministries of Tonga and Fiji.

Fundraising Tools

Our goal is to bring down the per volunteer cost through grants, fund raising, and government sponsorship so that more and more health care volunteers can afford to join us in the South Pacific. Until those grants begin to arrive, Sea Mercy must rely on our volunteers to "pay their way" on each rotation. We have made great progress in the last year, bringing the rotation costs down from $3,020 per volunteer, to $1,995 ($1,435 team building prices). We also have:

  • Personal Fundraising Pages that provide each volunteer a way to help raise or offset the funds they need to participate (click on the link for an example).
  • Team Building Rates that reduces the per volunteer cost even more (click on the link for an example).

Promotional Materials

We are asking our volunteers and friends to “spread the word” about Sea Mercy. We have several ways that you can help us make a difference:

  • Email a friend and include a copy of the most recent Newsletter and Brochure (see links at bottom of page).
  • Use the below Team Building Flyer to start inviting others to join you (and save)
  • Reach out to your employer and ask them to support your volunteer or team efforts by going to the website to donate, or mailing their donation
  • Personally donate to Sea Mercy. We feel your donation of time as a volunteer is enough, but if you can help financially, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please select the links below to download a version of the described file to use to share the Sea Mercy program with friends and potential supporters:

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