COVID-19 – Sailing Against the Wind


With over 70 of their vessels responding to three Category 5 Cyclones in the past 5 years, Sea Mercy has developed one of the most effective Disaster Response Fleets in the South Pacific. However, all our experience and planning never factored in the COVID-19 scenario and the incredible challenges it would bring while responding to Cyclone Harold. Although Sailing with a Greater Purpose has been Sea Mercy’s motto, it is our ability to ‘Sail against the wind’ in difficult situations that makes Sea Mercy unique and so effective. Undaunted, we simply changed our typical disaster response approach in order to reach the people in need.

Working directly with the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) leaderships, we developed a response that would ensure their COVID-19 restrictions and quarantine protocols were followed and their already devastated communities would be protected. With the support and assistance of our partners and sponsors (you), Sea Mercy was the first international aid organization to arrange and deliver aid to our island nation partners following Cyclone Harold.

As of April 28, 2020, Sea Mercy has provided the following emergency response aid to Vanuatu and Fiji:

  • Cathelco 50 Desalination Unit, Generator and distribution hoses (50,000 litres/day)
  • Operated from a barge in Fiji
  • Spectra LB2800 Desalination Unit, Generator and distribution hoses (10,000 litres/day)
  • 800 Sawyer Family Filters for Northern Vanuatu
  • 60 Wateroam Village Filters for Northern Vanuatu
  • Tents, tarps, portable water containers, miscellaneous goods

Clean water is still the most pressing and widespread need in Vanuatu and has a direct impact on the health of the people. We continue trying to provide water filtering and water making equipment wherever it is needed and your donations go 100% to funding these efforts.


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