450 Sawyer Filters coming from the USA!

Stopping Dysentery Outbreak in Vanuatu

Many people ask us why we focus so much of our disaster response efforts on getting water filters to devastated areas following a cyclone. In the South Pacific 90% of all drinking water comes from water catchment (rain gutters off of homes and buildings into water storage tanks). The incredible high winds generated from cyclones rips the roofing tin off of all homes and buildings and destroying or fouling the existing water tanks and the precious water in them.

"Water everywhere, but nothing clean to drink!"

Without existing and ongoing clean water catchment sources, those living on the remote island communities must gather their water from the streams and ponds in the area. These are often contaminated from animal and human feces and other dangerous bacteria that can cause dysentery and cholera. Until their homes are rebuilt and water catchment repaired, they need an interim solution to prevent these dangerous and deadly outbreaks.

The Sawyer Filters are simple, low cost and easy to use filtration systems for family needs and why we focus on getting them to 'at risk' areas.

450 Sawyer Filters Coming From the USA!

Within days following Cyclone Harold, a benevolent SuperYacht donor answered our emergency call for more Sawyer Filters. Their incredible donation allowed us to purchase an additional 400 filters. Our thanks also to Yacht Aid Global whose fundraising efforts added an additional 50 filters to the order. In addition, Fiji Airways offered to transport them to Fiji for free.

With approval granted from the Vanuatu NDMO (National Disaster Management Office), we are now securing the 'last mile' transport from Fiji to Vanuatu and then to the devastated northern islands where the outbreak has occurred.

Donate Please!

As with Fiji Airways generous offer, we are always looking for ways to make donations go as far as possible, but such transport kindness is not always the norm. As a result, Sea Mercy must use our operating budget to cover the extra shipping, customs and clearance costs to get the filters to the final target community. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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