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We Sail with a Greater Purpose!

Sea Mercy (www.seamercy.org) is a US based 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a simple vision and mission to be "the last mile" service delivery vessel for delivering trained health volunteers, support equipment, and critical care services until our island nation partners develop their "outer island" health care infrastructure. Operating from a growing fleet of large sailing vessels, Sea Mercy provides and staffs free Floating Health Care Clinics (FHCC) for our island nation partner's remote islands. Each health care specific team (8+ volunteers) joins us for a two-week rotation where we visit only the outer remote islands that do not have access to medical care, dental care and eye care services. Each 2-week rotation is unique and special for not only the remote islands visited, but for the volunteers serving on our FHCC's and for the Sea Mercy Captain's delivering the care and services to these remote islanders. From the time you are picked up at the airport and step onto one of our growing fleet of FHCC vessels, until we drop you back off and say goodbye, it is a journey that you will never forget and your efforts will never be forgotten.

You don’t need to bring much on this trip, because we have you covered. Once you step onto one of our Floating Health Care Clinic (FHCC) vessels, you will feel right at home. Our 45-120 foot vessels and experienced captains will take you, your heart, and your fellow team members to some of the most beautiful remote islands you have ever seen. Although there will be plenty of time for swimming, snorkeling, reading, hiking, fishing and quiet walks on the beaches; the main reason you are with us is to deliver the desperately needed health care services to the people on these remote islands.


Expect the unexpected at every stop. Just like a day at the office or hospital, every day on the FHCC vessel brings something new. From an incredible sunrise or sunset, a pod of whales or dolphins, or a new remote village. Whatever the day brings, will be a memory that we hope you will treasure and share with others.

Accommodations - Our sailing vessels range from 45 to 120 feet in length and can carry from 6-10+ volunteers. We have single and double bunk options available.
Food - The food will be delicious and you will never be hungry for very long, but we are limited to what is available in the markets of our island nations (so bring your own special snacks to share if you like).
Destinations - You will be sailing through one of the many remote island groups in Fiji or Solomon Islands. Although each island nation consists of hundreds of inhabited islands, we will visit only 5-8 per rotation.
Culture - You will get to experience what the island nation cultures were most like in the distant past and learn from you host health ministry staff working with you.
Weather - Sun, rain, wind, and calm (possible all in one day), all wrapped in a 70-85 degree warm blanket called the South Pacific.

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