Scenic Hotels Group - Key Sponsor for Tonga Emergency Relief

SCENIC HOTELS - Gives Major Donation To Sea Mercy for Tonga Emergency Relief!

We want to take a moment to honor one of Sea Mercy's key partners, the Scenic Hotels Group (Lani and Earl Hagaman) for their generous donation to our Emergency Relief efforts in Tonga. Their donation will allow us to operate our FHCC vessels in the Ha'apai group for the next 6+ weeks, giving us the time to gather the additional funds needed to continue our relief operations (delivering food, water, shelter and medical care to the remote islands) that are expected to last from 3-6+ months.

Scenic Hotels is also considering being the sponsor for one of our Eye Care Educational Programs for the remote islands schools. Details to follow in the near future.

Please take a moment to visit the Scenic Hotels website and thank them (contact form) for their gracious donation and support. If you are traveling to New Zealand or Tonga, be sure to give them a first look when booking your hotel arrangements. You will love their staff and hotels.

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