Food Initiative Donations Arrive in Northern Lau

A big Fijian Thank you from those you helped

Last week we completed our Northern Lau Food Relief Initiative for the families in the hard-hit communities of Cikombia, Avea and Susui. With crops destroyed by flooding from Cyclone Harold and the travel restrictions from COVID-19, these communities were unable to sell their fish to the markets (their only source of revenue to purchase food). When the yachting and sailing community heard about the needs, they pulled together and raised the funds needed for Sea Mercy to purchase and deliver 1 month of food supplies for each family member of the above communities. Incredible hearts and efforts! Great job!

The pictures provided are of the supplies arriving in Vanua Balavu for distribution. Village chiefs from each village worked together to arrange and divide the supplies according to the number of family members in island community village. Also attached is a lovely letter from the people of Northern Lau and a picture of the village chiefs holding a 'thank you' sign in appreciation.

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