Northern Lau Food Initiative

We've done it before - Can you help us to do it again please?

This time last year Sea Mercy received an urgent appeal for food from our friends in Northern Lau.

With your help we raised our target of US$ 4000 in a weekend. The island communities of Avea, Cikobia and Susui  received their supplies the following week. This year, more severe Covid restrictions are not only once again preventing them selling their fish but also anything else that they produce. Consequently they have no cash to buy food staples, which are already in short supply in Vanua Balavu.

Jacob, Turaga-Ni-Koro (Mayor) of Susui Island village writes:
“I am writing to humbly request for assistance during this Covid 19 pandemic. It has been 4 weeks since our community was able to sell fish and cooked food at Lomaloma to earn an income. Since the 20th of April there was a restriction from MOH (Ministry of Health) to cease all sales for us at Lomaloma. This has greatly affected our community because without money no shopping can be done. In addition to this no community member is eligible for FNPF (Fiji National Provident Fund) assistance and we have not received any other sort of help. I humbly request if your organization can assist us with some groceries and toiletries."

For those of you who have had the good fortune to sail there, you will know that these people do not ask for our help lightly.

As Sea Mercy supporter Jennie aboard S/V QUIXOTIC so eloquently says: "A small drop of love could be gathered into an ocean."

Sea Mercy (Fiji) will purchase the food locally, supporting Fiji's struggling economy, and place it aboard a ferry departing Suva next Wednesday (Fiji Time). Our agent in Lomaloma will then distribute the supplies, by Household, to Susui, Cikobia and Avea. This means that we need funds by Monday lunchtime!

Please consider a Donation through the below secure donation button:

As always, 100% of all monies raised by Sea Mercy go to those in need.

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