Our President & Founders

Richard & Stephanie Hackett

Richard & Stephanie Hackett, President & Founders of the Sea Mercy program have spent the last 30+ years of their lives preparing to launch this important and much needed program.

Mr. Hackett graduated from Oregon State University in 1984, with a B.S. in International Business & Marketing and a minor in History and an active member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. He is very experienced in building major for-profit and non-profit organizations from scratch. He is also a published writer/author (Everything, The Eyes of the Heart and The Black Dragons). Stephanie Hackett graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1982 with a B.S. in Business & Marketing and an active member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Sea Mercy is a non-profit Charity (not religious charity, nor are volunteers required to be of a certain faith to participate), although both are very active and involved Christians and their motives for building this program originated from their love for God and the compassion for those created in his image.

For Profit Corporate Experience:

After successfully working 5-7 years in the corporate world (Xerox, DEC and Dupont) following their graduation, in 1989 Mr. & Mrs. Hackett purchased a legal staffing franchise (Legalstaff) for the San Diego market and built it into a multi-million dollar franchise that ultimately purchased the Franchisor in 1995, allowing the company to work outside the San Diego market. In 1999, they started a legal job and resume board called Legalstaff.com that ultimately partnered with over 70 state and local bar and paralegal associations across the nation, quickly growing it into the largest legal specific job and resume board in the US. In 2006, they merged Legalstaff.com with Affiniscape, Inc., the largest member management software company for associations, with over 1,200 associations (nursing, dental, pharmacy, medical, hospital, legal, etc.) serving over a million members.

Non-Profit Organization Experience:

In 1997, Mr. & Mrs. Hackett helped start the San Diego chapter of HOPE Worldwide. As the Associate Director of the 2,500 local member benevolent charity (over 100,000 members worldwide), the first three years of its creation, the organization worked directly with the local government health agencies and clinics in helping raise the immunization rates of the inner city children. The organization was initially self funded until major corporations began to support the efforts of the organization. The organization was launched and operated within their San Diego staffing agency office until office space was secured 2 years later.

Sea Mercy

In 2002, Mr. & Mrs. Hackett began laying the groundwork for the idea, structure and mission for the Sea Mercy program after traveling and sailing in the South Pacific. As business obligations and responsibilities were carefully positioned for success through 2007, they postponed the planned implementation of the program until they felt the economy and their resources could better support the initial launch of the program. With recent events and desires in the Pacific region gaining interest, in 2012 Mr. & Mrs. Hackett felt the right time had come to successfully put the program into motion.

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