Clean Drinking Water Delivered!

Bringing Clean Water to every 'at risk' Village

It is exciting to see video coming back from Vanuatu showing Sea Mercy's desalination unit providing clean water for the devastated remote villages following Cyclone Harold. Patiently waiting their turn, the children bring their bottles to the front of the barge where salt water from the ocean is turned into fresh drinking water for a village and family. When we are done in this village, the barge will move to another and repeat this life changing and disease preventing process.

Our desalination unit, generator and hose is on loan to Vanuatu for the next two months, or as long as it is needed to stand in the gap to meet the clean drinking water needs where there is little access to rivers or ponds where our Sawyer and Wateroam Filters can be used.

Our thanks to the barge captain and crew, our friends and partners in Vanuatu and our donors and sponsors around the world that help us to help them. You can help us by making a donation to our disaster response program below. Sea Mercy is a 100% volunteer non-profit charity and 100% of your donation goes towards meeting the needs of those impacted by disasters.

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