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COVID-19 – Sailing Against the Wind


450 Sawyer Filters coming from the USA!

Stopping Dysentery Outbreak in Vanuatu

Many people ask us why we focus so much of our disaster response efforts on getting water filters to devastated areas following a cyclone. In the South Pacific 90% of all drinking water comes from water catchment (rain gutters off of homes and buildings into water storage tanks). The incredible high winds generated from cyclones rips the roofing tin off of all homes and buildings and destroying or fouling the existing water tanks and the precious water in them.

On Its Way! Vanuatu Relief

Sea Mercy Fiji

So encouraged by our Sea Mercy Fiji team quickly organizing the 7 pallets of emergency aid supplies in order to catch the last barge from Fiji to Vanuatu. The aid arrived in Port Vila as planned and thanks to Virginia Craig, President of Port of Call Superyacht Agency, she was there to help organize and allocate the aid alongside the NDMO leadership. It is always encouraging to see the yachting community pulling together to make a difference wherever we sail.

Cyclone Harold - Response April 18, 2020

As we survey the devastation and chaos caused by Cyclone Harold, a Category 5 cyclone that passed over or near the island nations of the Solomon's, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga, it would appear at first glance, that the obstacles created by the near complete transportation and travel lock-down resulting from Covid-19 would prevent international aid organizations from bringing in the much-needed supplies.


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