Sea Mercy Volunteers Preparing Water Filters

There is so much more work that goes on behind the scenes with each donation. On Wednesday, May 27th Sea Mercy volunteers in Fiji came together in Port Denarau at the Rhum Ba Restaurant to drill holes in water buckets for easy installation of the Sawyer Water Filters. In addition, volunteers added to each bucket a 'how to' sticker (directions) that Sea Mercy had translated from English to Bislama (Vanuatu) to help the families receiving them to know how to operate and maintain the filters for years to come. Buckets and water filters were then put on pallets, shrink wrapped and delivered to a waiting merchant vessel to insure they all arrive together and are ready to be distributed by our local partners in Vanuatu to those waiting for them.

When we asked our Vanuatu NDMO and Water Department leadership what their greatest need was following Cyclone Harold, it was access to clean drinking water for 50,000 people living on their northern remote islands. Since that request went out, enough donations have come in to allow Sea Mercy to secure and deliver enough Sawyer (family) and Wateroam (village) Water Filters to Vanuatu to provide clean drinking water for everyone in need. We are so grateful for those who gave/donated and those who volunteered during challenging time. You truly allow Sea Mercy to "sail with a greater purpose'' wherever there is a need. Thank you.

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