More Water Filters are on the way!


Head of MALAMPA health cluster and Provincial Health Manager, Salome Kenneth, confirmed that an 8 month old baby from a village in Makekula died on Sunday after suffering from dehydration due to diarrhea.

    "Diarrhea is the biggest health issue that the MALAMPA province is facing after TC Harold. It has affected many communities". It is the fourth week after TC Harold and new cases are being reported every week with most of the patients recorded being under 5 years old. Ms. Kenneth said people don't have access to clean drinking water due to contaminated water and damage to the water systems. The MALAMPA wash cluster is working very hard to make sure all the communities in MALAMPA have access to clean water so the situation will improve in the days to come. Assessment reports have indicated that there are still approximately 5000 households in need of a source of clean water.

Responding to the need for clean water!

With the financial support of our sponsors and donors (Thank you!), Sea Mercy is working directly with the Department of Water in Vanuatu to address the urgent water needs for those 5,000 'at risk' households living on the remote islands of Ambae, Ambrym, Malekula, Pentecost and Santo, Sea Mercy has purchased 950 Sawyer Family Filters and 200 Wateroam Village Filters that are in route to them for distribution. Although the above purchase of those filters has depleted our financial resources, we will be continuing to monitor the needs and strive to secure the necessary funding support to meet them. You can help us by making a donation to our disaster response program below. Sea Mercy is a 100% volunteer non-profit charity and 100% of your donation goes towards meeting the needs of those impacted by disasters.

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