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May 20, 2020 Update on Aid Impact in Vanautu

Sea Mercy’s primary goal in disaster response work has been, and always will be about helping to meet the needs of those devastated by a natural disaster and to honor our partners, donors and volunteers who make it happen. As wonderful and rewarding it might be to see statistics, financial and visual evidence of the impact your aid had on an individual, a village or an island nation, we rarely fully understand or grasp the actual health impact the clean water we provided had on a family or what diseases were prevented by it. We can provide the first three, but to understand the last one will require you to use your imagination as you place yourself in their situation.


From a purely statistical perspective, we can tell you that based on the overall number of Sawyer and Wateroam Filters that we provided and the amount of clean drinking water each could provide, over 5,000 families are being served. When we add the production capacity that our Spectra LB2800 Desalination unit can produce and the barge distribution plan we have in place, the additional clean water support it can provide is life changing for thousands of additional families.


We can share from a financial perspective that Sea Mercy we purchased and delivered over $171,000 US in emergency aid to the people of Vanuatu. Most of those purchases were focused on securing and delivering clean water to those most needed areas. For complete transparency, we have included our current financial statement for your review.


We do our best to share the photo and video reports we receive, it can be difficult to send from remote and often devastated locations. When available, we try to share images that might provide a brief glimpse of a family using one of our donated Sawyer Filters, or a village waiting in line to fill their water jugs from one of our Wateroam Filters, or whole communities gathered on the beach in front of a barge as they watch our Spectra LB2800 Desalination unit magically convert thousands of litres of undrinkable saltwater into fresh water for them.

Our Donors

There is another aspect of what we do that is often completely invisible to everyone except those of us in Sea Mercy leadership. It is the incredible financial sacrifices made by individuals and organizations who not only desire to help the people in the South Pacific, but believe in Sea Mercy and our incredible volunteers who find the best way to use those personal donations for maximum impact and to reach the people in need.

Thank you!

Future Aid For Vanuatu

With the recent completion of Phase III of our Disaster Response efforts, Sea Mercy has expended all currently available funds for the above equipment and supplies. There are many more needs in Vanuatu that we would love to meet as the island nation shifts from Response to Recovery efforts. If you would like to help us continue to help them, please make a donation through the below button.

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