International Yachting Community - Thank you!

We wanted to take a moment to thank the silent heroes that have allowed Sea Mercy to have the incredible success and impact on the people living on the remote islands of the South Pacific. Without your support and belief in our crazy "Sailing with a greater purpose" concept 5 years ago, the thousands of remote island communities that we now serve would have little hope or resources available to them in their battle for a future.

Designing Sea Bridge One

SuperYacht Heavyweights Donate their Expertise to Sea Mercy’s new ship Sea Bridge One

Naval Architect Gerard Dykstra, famous for his iconic yachts and sailing ships, has teamed up with Award Winning SuperYacht Builders Vitters (Aquio 2017) to create a humanitarian “mothership” for the US & Fiji based charity Sea Mercy.

35m Sea Bridge One

Sailing with a Greater Purpose

Dykstra Naval Architects and Vitters Shipyard donate their time and talents to design a unique Expedition Schooner for Sea Mercy, a non-profit charity that is quietly becoming the benevolent arm of the international yachting community.

RISE Volunteer Fee/Donation Processing

Thank you for joining the RISE Internship Program

RISE Volunteer Registration

Thank you for considering to be a Sea Mercy RISE Intern Volunteer. Please complete the below form and attach your resume, cover letter (optional) and any additional information you feel is important and can add value to the RISE Program and team selection.


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