35m Sea Bridge One

Sailing with a Greater Purpose

Dykstra Naval Architects and Vitters Shipyard donate their time and talents to design a unique Expedition Schooner for Sea Mercy, a non-profit charity that is quietly becoming the benevolent arm of the international yachting community.

RISE Volunteer Fee/Donation Processing

Thank you for joining the RISE Internship Program

RISE Volunteer Registration

Thank you for considering to be a Sea Mercy RISE Intern Volunteer. Please complete the below form and attach your resume, cover letter (optional) and any additional information you feel is important and can add value to the RISE Program and team selection.

Building a Sea Bridge of HOPE

We are very excited to speak to the International Yachting Community about the incredible role it plays in disaster response work. From the private yachts and Superyachts on the front line, to the thousands of organizations in the yachting community who build them and keep them running. Together it allows them to 'sail with a greater purpose' and what makes this community one of the most influential and benevolent organizations in the world.

ICA Pacific Circuit Rally - Give Sight Program

Sail with a greater purpose during the Pacific Circuit Rally!

Sea Mercy has empowered our Island Cruising Association's Pacific Circuit Rally members with the ability to "sail with a greater purpose" with their Give Sight program. With 5 nations and 20 ports of call on our agenda, we can change the lives of hundreds of people living there by giving them the gift of sight (near and farsighted glasses).


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