2019 FHCC Program (South Pacific) - Register Today!

Register today to reserve your 2019 Rotation in the South Pacific! With our Floating Health Care Clinic (FHCC) vessels operating from May through October, we have 9 different rotation dates for our volunteers to chose from across the South Pacific. With medical, dental and ophthalmology care now being offered, there are incredible opportunities for all health care related volunteers to serve on each rotation.

Personal Fundraising Page - Nicolette Simeone

Welcome to my personal fundraising page!

This summer I plan to donate 2 weeks of my life and talents to help meet the needs in the South Pacific by volunteering with a non-profit 501(c)3 organization called Sea Mercy (www.seamercy.org).

RISE University Internships

Recent RISE Program University Intern - Trey Hackett (Junior, Oregon State University)

Emergency Staging Centers

South Pacific & International Coverage

We've already staged non-medical emergency aid equipment (chainsaws, tools, tarps, desalination units, small tents, etc.) at our South Pacific Center and we have allocated funds to purchase emergency bulk food locally to supplement our response vessels.

A Clear Horizon - Prepared to Respond

Our Clear Horizons program (follow link for more information) is empowering the yachting community and changing the way aid organizations respond to natural disasters. This program is not designed to replace the important and vital role the international aid organizations and governments play, but to support them by standing in the gap for them until they can organize and deliver their massive amounts of incoming international aid.


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