Team Building and Save!

At Sea Mercy, we are always looking for new ways to maximize our volunteers experience during their rotation while at the same time minimizing their costs. With each new discovery, we immediately share it with our volunteers. Our most recent opportunity is the "Team Building" program that will increase your fun, strengthen your current inner and outer office relationships, and reduce individual costs. How much more fun would it be to volunteer in the South Pacific with your friends and co-workers! Here is how it works:

Sea Mercy's purpose and goal is to use 100% of our collected resources gathered from each rotation to meet the needs of the remote islanders. With that understanding, there are fixed and variable costs associated with each rotation (based on the number of volunteers) that Sea Mercy must cover in order to operate effectively during each 2 week rotation. Fuel, food, medical supplies, insurance, vessel use and maintenance fees, are just a few of those costs. Although these costs can vary slightly with each Sea Mercy Floating Health Care Clinic (FHCC) vessel, our "break point" for captain fees is 4 volunteers, so any additional volunteer above 4 there are only food, fuel and Sea Mercy costs.

Build your own Team of 5 or more and save!

To encourage volunteers to "build their own team" of 5 or more volunteers consisting of health care co-workers, family and friends (each rotation team must consist of a minimum of 3 health care professionals), in return we are able to reduce the overall "per volunteer" cost on each rotation considerably. Here is an example of the savings for building your own rotation team:

Team Size Per Volunteer Cost
1-4 $1,995
5 $1,770
6 $1,620
7 $1,515
8 $1,435

Getting Started is Easy!

To get your Sea Mercy "team" rotation started, simply complete the online Registration & Assignment Request Form and mention that you are looking to build a team to join you on your rotation. All "team" requests will receive an email packet of information on how to organize, reach out and involve potential team members, and if the help is needed, to use Sea Mercy's fundraising tools in order assist those team members needing a little financial help.

Use the below Email Invite Template, Team Building Flyer and Sea Mercy Brochure to start inviting your friends, family and co-workers and building your team!


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