Multihulls Magazine Article on Sea Mercy (March/April Issue)

Multihulls Magazine March/April Issue!

Multihulls Magazine

Sea Mercy Captain Focus

In this update article, Multihulls Magazine's focus is on the Sea Mercy Captain program and the incredible owners and vessels that are a crucial part of our success and program.

We are thankful for the ongoing support and attention given by Eric Erwin with Multihulls Magazine and their showcasing of Sea Mercy in their March/April 2013 magazine (download the PDF of the article at the bottom of the page). Multihulls Magazine is the largest and most informative multihulls magazine read worldwide. Thanks also to Caroline LaViolette with The Catamaran Company for introducing us to Eric. You can access and read a PDF version of the article at:

We look forward to building great volunteer relationships, Sea Mercy Captain vessels, and sponsor opportunities with their international readers

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