March 2013 Newsletter

Sea Mercy - March 2013 Newsletter

Below is a link to the 2013 March Sea Mercy e-Newsletter for your review. As you will read, 2013 is already off to an incredible and exciting start with the addition of two new Floating Health Care Clinic vessels joining Sea Mercy. Rebelle, a 44 foot catamaran, is scheduled to begin operations in the Kingdom of Tonga the first week in August of 2013. Dragonfly, a 65 foot catamaran, will be arriving in Tonga in June of 2014. We will be working overtime to ensure the volunteer staff and supplies are in place prior to the beginning of operations. Volunteer opportunities are limited, so be sure to contact us early if interested.

We want to thank you for your ongoing support, gifts, input, prayers, and patience this last year. Without them, I'm confident we would not have seen such incredible results. We hope you enjoy the articles and if possible, we hope to see many of you joining us in Tonga this year and next!

Richard Hackett
Sea Mercy
President & Founder

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