Fundraising Assistance

Fundraising Help

Although your volunteer efforts and time should be enough of a sacrifice, until our corporate, government and foundation support catches up to our island nation needs growth, we will need to rely on our volunteers ability to self fund their 2 week rotations. In response, we are adding some website and software functionality that can help you offset the cost through private support/donations. Below is a list of assistance programs that are available to our volunteers who are needing help to raise the necessary funds:

  • Personal Fundraising Page
  • Personalized Introductory Email about Sea Mercy and your efforts
  • Digital brochures, newsletters and forms for you to include in your outreach

Personal Fundraising Page

With the expertise and help of CiviCRM Hosting, Sea Mercy now has the fundraising software in place to allow each volunteer to make a difference in the South Pacific and fulfill their own dreams. It all starts with your own personalized fundraising webpage that allows you to invite people to learn more about you, your goal to be a volunteer with Sea Mercy, and how your they can help (they may even want to go with you). In turn, we can easily track the donations that come through your personal page and keep you updated on your progress.

Click Here for more information on how to get your own page started.

For those who try, meet and even exceed their goals, we are providing a few “thank you” rewards. Here are a few rewards* available upon reaching the following fundraising milestones:

  • Volunteers who raise more than $4,000 will get their own personal cabin for the 2 week rotation (queen bed) or can bring a spouse/friend to share a cabin for the 2 week rotation
  • Volunteers who raise $1,995 or more, gets first choice of location assignments, available dates and FHCC vessel
  • Volunteers who raise more than $1,000 (but less than the $1,995) will get second opportunities for assignments and have their donations roll over to be used for next year

* To qualify for the above rewards you must be a registered and pre-qualified volunteer with Sea Mercy, prior education and training to work within the health care field, and physically capable of working on the FHCC.

To get started on your Personalized Fundraising Page, complete the online Registration & Assignment Request Form and select "YES" under Fundraising Assistance.

Introductory Email

If you would like help crafting your personalized fundraising request email to family, friends, and employers, we would be happy to assist you in having a successful response. Simply select "Yes" under the Funding Request Assistance when completing the online Registration & Assignment Request Form.

Digital Brochures, Newsletters and Forms

A programs' credibility and a sponsors response often requires more than just an email and a request. To help you reach out to the more challenging potential donors, we have a variety of digital materials to choose from. Below are links to download the digital materials and information that you would like to use.

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