Supporting Sea Mercy

Ways you can make a difference in the South Pacific

There are so many ways that an individual, company, or organization can support Sea Mercy and our goal to deliver health care, education and economic development services to the remote islanders in the South Pacific. Here are a few for either the Floating Health Care Clinic (FHCC) or Global Mercy Armada (GMA) programs:

    1. Sponsor a Volunteer (FHCC or GMA)
    2. Sponsor a Rotation (FHCC or GMA)
    3. Sponsor a Vessel Refit Item
    4. Open Gift to Sea Mercy

Sponsor a Volunteer

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of Sea Mercy. They literally donate their time, talents and money for 1-2+ weeks in order to serve those in need. Each volunteer pays their own airfare and the room and board for the time they are on one of our FHCC vessels or GMA land-based programs. For some volunteers, this is as simple as writing a check to cover those costs. But for others, it is a deep financial commitment that they are diligently striving to cover. If you would like to help make a volunteers dream of serving with Sea Mercy in the South Pacific come true, then make a donation to our Sea Mercy Volunteer Scholarship Fund (anonymously or public). This "Scholarship" fund is used exclusively to assist those volunteers whose dedication and years of volunteer service around the world merits a "thank you" sponsorship with one of Sea Mercy's upcoming rotations. We like to give back to those who have given so much.

Sponsor a Rotation

In our continual goal to find ways to reduce the per volunteer cost for each rotation, one idea was presented by an employer who wanted to help sponsor a rotation that many of his employees were a part of. He wanted to cover the food and fuel costs of the rotation, saving each of the four volunteers over $745 dollars. In return, we provided a sponsor listing in the Rotation Sponsor section of our website and announced it on our Facebook page. This is a great way to say thank you to your employees.

Sponsor a Vessel Refit Item

Our Sea Mercy Captains/Owners have given up very lucrative charter businesses in order to "sail with a greater purpose" with Sea Mercy. Placing their vessels in harms way in the South Pacific, they sail from island to island through dangerous waters, ferry our volunteers and health ministry staff back and forth, provide incredible housing and food services for each rotation. As you can imagine, this creates a much heavier wear and tear on their vessel and equipment than normal day to day operations. With less charter income available, there are planned and emergency needs that arise that require additional personal funds for their vessel and Sea Mercy to operate effectively. As a result, we have created a Vessel Refit Assistance page for people to contribute to. Sea Mercy holds these funds until the item is purchased by the vessel (vessels must be in Sea Mercy service for 1 year to qualify). Visit the page to see where you can help with a future need.

Open Gift To Sea Mercy

There are always important operational and equipment needs that go beyond our operational budget, items that we simply must say no to for lack of funds. With a goal to establish an FHCC in each of our 11 island nation locations, we are only limited by our ability to support those vessels with the volunteers and medical supplies they need to operate. If you would like to contribute to Sea Mercy to help us meet those goals more quickly, please use the below PayPal link for online cash donations, or contact us directly to arrange for donations through other channels.

In-Kind Donations

There are so many needs that each in-kind donation can be used to meet that we cannot list all of them here. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, what we can promise is that the in-kind gifts will be used to the best of our ability to meet the needs at hand. Whether medical supplies, solar panels, generators, beds, boats, etc., we will evaluate each donation to determine how best to maximize the use or value of it. When making in-kind donations of medical supplies, please do not ship any prescription medicines/drugs without prior authorization or approval. For more information on what medicines you can or cannot legally donate, please visit the DEA Website before sending anything.

Let's work together to make a difference. Questions? Ideas? Use our "Contact Us" menu link to send us an email detailing your thoughts and suggestions and we can schedule a time to discuss it in greater detail. Thank you for working with us!

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