2022 FHCC Volunteer Registration

COVID-19 closed all our 2020 & 2021 FHCC Rotations, but we have 4 rotations available in 2022, as well as 14 upcoming rotations in 2023.

Thank you for registering to be a Sea Mercy Volunteer. Please complete the below form to the best of your ability and attach your resume and any additional information you feel is important and can add value to the Sea Mercy volunteer staff. We will review your information and talent, add your talent and skill set to the growing database of volunteers, and match you to the selected program that you and your team are interested.

Compensation/Travel Expenses:
A frequent question asked by volunteers is whether Sea Mercy will cover their travel expenses or if the assignment offers compensation. We do not cover travel expenses or compensation for voluntary staff.

Long-term Assignments:
If your desire is to be a part of a long-term assignment (i.e. internships, residency elective program, volunteering, NGO partner program), we can discuss ways that will help lower your rotation costs.

We currently have 2022 and 2023 Floating Health Care Clinic programs scheduled with the following Island Nations:

  • Republic of Fiji
  • Solomon Islands

What year(s) are you interested in joining us on a rotation,
Make sure your passport will not expire within 6 months of your rotation.
To avoid being refused entry into a our island nation partner country, please verify your passport expiration date (if your passport expires within 6 months following your arrival date, you will not be allowed into the country).
Spouse, friend, family member, team, or other (name and type of relationship)
Please select if you are traveling as an "individual" volunteer, or if you are building a "team" of four, or if you are registering as an "office" team. If you select "Team Leader" or "Office Team Leader", make sure you share your name (or office name) and rotation date with those on your team (they will also need to register and insert your name).
If registering as part of a team or office, please put the name of your team leader or office name below.
Select the desired 2022 rotation numbers that you would like to be considered for. This is not the number of rotations you are committing to, just what you are available for.
This is the number of FHCC rotations that you desire to participate with (and able to cover the volunteer costs)
Please select the preferred island nation you desire (select option 3 if you are available for both)
What method(s) do you plan to utilize in order to cover the volunteer rotation costs?
Please list how you learned about Sea Mercy (Sea Mercy Ambassador, email, brochure, web search, referral from a friend, etc.)
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