The success of the Sea Mercy program is in making long-term partnerships that are beneficial to all involved. We are seeking to establish partnerships with the Island Nations, the US Government, with Medical & Pharmaceutical Corporations, with Non-Medical Individuals & Corporations, and with the Medical Volunteer Individuals & Organizations.

Island Nations

The most important relationship is with the Island Nations that we work with. Our goal will be to work hand in hand with the health care departments and programs of each nation to help them meet their nations' health care goals and desires. We will also work with local medical universities and schools to help teach and train their students and alumni through short and long term internships with Sea Mercy.

U.S. and International Agencies

We know without the assistance, advice and support of international government agencies and International Health Organizations, the Sea Mercy program will be hard pressed to deliver the much needed assistance and support to these island nations. These incredible island nations have had deep and long relationships with the United States, Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific Rim countries. They are important friends in the Pacific area and their welfare and health care are important. It is not a matter of whether international governments have a desire to help these nations, it is more about how best to help them with specific programs. As the foundation for a primary health care infrastructure is being built on the primary islands, the Sea Mercy program will help meet the crucial health care needs of the more remote islanders.

We are reaching out to the following organizations for advice, direction and funding:

Multilateral Agencies

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • United Nation Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  • United Nation Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Pacific Human Resources for Health Alliance (PHRHA)

Bilateral Agencies

  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Non-governmental Organizations (NGO's)

  • Project Hope
  • Oxfam

Health Care Related Corporate Partners

Our health care related corporate sponsors are vital to our successful delivery of the needed health related drugs, vaccines, equipment, and supplies for our Sea Mercy floating clinics. Much like a builder trying to work without a hammer or saw, is a surgeon or dentist trying to meet health care needs without the equipment, medicine and supplies they need for their patients. We believe that U.S. medical corporations are some of the most giving entities in the world with a desire to provide crucial "in-kind" health care related donations. Our goal and desire is to build the trust in the Sea Mercy structure and delivery systems to ensure those donations reach the targeted islanders in the South Pacific. Our hope is to never have to rely on one organization to keep the needed items flowing to the floating clinics, but to work with many corporate sponsors.

Individual & Corporate Sponsors

There are in-kind support donations and there are financial support donations that are offered from the heart to support Sea Mercy. The majority of our individual and corporate sponsors have no "health" related relationship with the island nations we work with, but their heart is simply to help meet a need through financial and in-kind services. It is the "little from a lot" that makes an organization like Sea Mercy successful, not relying solely on "a lot from a little" in sponsor support. We will be striving to keep this important sponsor group involved and in touch with the impact that their support is providing for the South Pacific people.

Health Care Volunteers & Organizations

Having the tools without the builders, is like having a health care provider without the volunteer staff to support it. With our founders business connections with the medical, nursing, dental and ophthalmologist member organizations, we will be striving to build the most far reaching and effective volunteer support organization in the South Pacific.

Advertising Sponsors

The most challenging aspect of a non-profit organization is not the program itself, but reaching the people who can make a difference financially. Our advertising sponsors help us reach the hearts of those who desire to see Sea Mercy succeed in meeting the needs of the South Pacific. Please take a minute to visit their website to learn more about how they make a difference for their readership.

Sea Mercy Captains & Vessels

Our goal is to have an established fleet of Sea Mercy FHCC's operating within each island nation. We can either purchase a vessel for each island nation or partner with experienced captains and owners of vessels who are willing to "sail with a purpose" and join us in meeting these needs. We have created our Sea Mercy Captain Program to help us reach our goals quickly and efficiently and provide these partners with an incredible purpose while sailing the South Pacific.

Specific Areas of Need

As the Sea Mercy program builds the foundation of its sponsors and volunteers, there are a few areas that we are desiring to build long term relationships with to the benefit of both the program and the sponsor. Here is a list of special areas that we are seeking advice and assistance from:

  • Shipping Companies (the delivering of ongoing supplies to the floating clinics)
  • Airline Companies (delivering volunteer staff to their South Pacific destinations)
  • Sailing Catamaran Builders (specially designed floating health care clinics)
  • Sailing Catamaran Owners (to provide an affordable short term lease (or donation) of your vessel as a temporary floating health clinic)

If you are able to assist, or would like more information about any of the above areas of need, please contact us.

Thank you!

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