Corporate "We Care" Community Program

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Greatness is not what you have, it's what you give.

Attracting and retaining clients, vendors, and outstanding employees is the lifeblood of any great organization. However, winning their trust, loyalty and even their heart is growing more challenging in this competitive industry. You need something that helps you to stand out, that shows you care as much about them and others as you do for your own organization. Our "We Care" community program is designed to help organizations to attract and engage clients, vendors and employees, while increasing the "social responsibility" branding.

Our "We Care" program can help you achieve the following:

  • Attract and retain clients
  • Build loyalty and trust with clients and employees through "social responsibility"
  • Engage the local and international community and media around an important cause

Attracting Clients

"Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care." Theodore Roosevelt

Sailing into a remote island lagoon during a 2-week rotation on a catamaran in the South Pacific

Existing and potential clients are under a constant barrage of marketing campaigns by competitors. Our "We Care" program provides our corporate partners with a way to reach out to build loyalty and trust with current and potential clients through our humanitarian focused program. A program that is built around an attractive, important and established cause that you support and would like to help them participate in. This program will appeal to and attract clients from all target groups you serve.

Building Loyalty and Trust

July 2014 Team following their visits to the remote Northern Lau island group in Fiji

"Profitability comes from loyalty, productivity, and having a character base from which to work." Zig Ziglar

What is the perceived "character base" that clients view with your organization? If you're ready for a character enhancement that will build loyalty and trust with active and passive clients, consider exploring a We Care program partnership with Sea Mercy.

Engaging your Target Community and Media

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Engage and rally your community around an incredible cause that you sponsor

The world is full of incredible challenges and needs that are waiting to be addressed, but one of the most difficult tasks is giving a person the way to make a difference and to feel incredible about it. When you can provide a person/client a way to embrace or participate in an incredible cause, you will have won their hearts. Our "We Care" program gives our partners a way to engage and impact the lives of professionals within their service area (local and national), a program they will never forget.

The We Care Program

1,000's of remote islands in the South Pacific do not have access to even the most basic health care services

Understanding The Need

In the USA, we are blessed with the medical infrastructure and staff that is available to the majority of our population, but in the South Pacific, there are no roads, power lines, or phone systems to connect the smaller, less populated, islands to the same health care services offered on the more populated, primary islands. Sadly, these remote islands are left without even the most basic of health care services, creating an incredible disparity between the remote islands and primary islands in terms of overall health, infant mortality and immunization rates, and longevity.

There are also no disaster response platforms available to deliver international aid to these remote islanders. With earthquakes and tsunamis in the South Pacific becoming a yearly event, the need for disaster response is even more urgent than before. Providing these necessary health care and disaster relief services to South Pacific remote islands is the very reason that Sea Mercy was created.

Having The Answer

Sea Mercy is a US based 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a simple vision and mission to "stand in the gap" with a service delivery vessel, trained health care and support volunteers, support equipment, and critical care services as our island nation partners develop their "outer island" health care infrastructure. Operating from a fleet of large sailing catamarans, Sea Mercy provides and staffs free Floating Health Care Clinics (FHCC) for our island nation partner's remote islands. These FHCC's also serve as training and educational platforms that also operate as disaster response vessels for these neglected remote island citizens of the South Pacific.

One of many incredible "remote island" memories waiting for volunteers serving on a Floating Health Care Clinic

Knowing The People

There are eleven island nation communities that Sea Mercy is targeting with their program, two currently being served (red) and two additional targeted for 2015 (green), each in desperate need of health care assistance for their large number of remote islands. They are:

  • The Kingdom of Tonga (1 primary island, 176 remote islands)*
  • The Republic of Fiji (2 primary islands, 332 remote islands)**
  • Solomon Islands (5 primary islands, 900+ remote islands)
  • Federated States of Micronesia (4 primary islands, 607 remote islands)
  • Palau (3 primary islands, 250 remote islands)
  • Vanuatu (2 primary islands, 81 remote islands)
  • The Marshall Islands (1 primary island, 34 remote islands)
  • Kiribati (1 primary island, 32 remote islands)
  • The Cook Islands (2 primary islands, 13 remote islands)
  • The Mariana Islands (1 primary islands, 14 remote islands)
  • Tuvalu (1 primary island, 8 remote islands)

* serving Tonga since 2013
** serving Fiji since 2014

Embracing The "We Care" Opportunity

Sea Mercy is looking for partners in each major metropolitan area to be our program "advocate" to their community. We have several "We Care" opportunities available for our partners:

"We Care" Programs - A partnership that allows the corporate partner to announce and advocate Sea Mercy's program to the community they represent within a local, national or international area through various partner sponsored Sea Mercy programs*

  • Mutual Services Promotion - The mutual sharing of programs and services through our networks
  • Program Sponsorship's - Financial support for the overall program, a single FHCC vessel sponsorship, or an island nation sponsorship
    • Overall Program Support - Direct financial support for Sea Mercy's overall operations
    • FHCC Vessel Sponsorship - Corporate sponsorship of one of Sea Mercy's FHCC vessels
    • Island Nation Sponsorship - Corporate sponsorship of one of Sea Mercy's Island Nation Partners in the South Pacific
  • Individual Volunteer Scholarship(s) - Individual client or employee scholarships for a 2-week rotation in the South Pacific (monthly, quarterly or yearly drawings for scholarships)
  • Rotation/Team Scholarships - A drawing for a partner sponsored Team rotation of 4-8 volunteers (employee and/or clients)
  • Your Own Program - We have the flexibility to allow you to build your own "We Care" program

* Corporate sponsorship branding and signage (including exclusives) can be discussed with each program sponsorships

Whichever "We Care" program you chose, it will give you the perfect mechanism (and reason) to reach out to and build relationships with all of the target areas within your community. All direct marketing outreach and response to clients and employees goes through your organization (you control the relationship building opportunities).

With all programs, we can provide you with the marketing tools (co-branded emails, digital brochures, etc.), and we will help promote the partnership program through Sea Mercy's website, newsletters and social networking channels.

For more information on these above "We Care" programs, please contact Sea Mercy leadership directly:
Richard Hackett
President & Founder


One of our Floating Health Care Clinics (FHCC) vessel and team making a remote island visit
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