November Newsletter 2013

Sea Mercy - November 2013 Newsletter

Below is a link to the November 2013 Sea Mercy e-Newsletter for your review (click on the PDF file). This newsletter focuses on the 2013 year, the planning of our 2014 year, and the people, partnerships and programs that are making Sea Mercy successful. Not only will Fiji be added as our newest island nation partner, but we will see the arrival of two additional vessels in 2014. As you will read, the 2013 was an incredible success and laid the groundwork for what we hope to accomplish in 2014.

As always, we want to thank you for your ongoing support, gifts, input, prayers, and patience during 2013 and for the upcoming years to come. Without them, I'm confident we would not have seen such incredible results. We hope you enjoy the articles and if possible, we hope to see many of you joining us in Tonga and Fiji in 2014 and beyond!

Richard Hackett
Sea Mercy
President & Founder

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