Vessel Refit Assistance

We have the most amazing fleet of Sea Mercy vessels and Captains in the world! Each having given up very lucrative charter businesses in order to "sail with a greater purpose" with Sea Mercy. Placing their vessels in harms way in the South Pacific, they sail from island to island through dangerous waters, ferry our volunteers and health ministry staff back and forth, and provide incredible accommodations and meals for each rotation. As you can imagine, this creates a much heavier wear and tear on their vessel and equipment than normal day to day charter operations. With less charter income available, there are planned and emergency needs that can arise that require additional personal funds for their vessel in order for our rotations to operate effectively. This Vessel Refit Assistance page was created to allow people to contribute to help meet those unforeseen needs. As a general rule, Sea Mercy holds these funds until the item is purchased by the FHCC vessel and vessels must be currently operating in Sea Mercy's service for them to qualify for the gift.

Below is a list of current "Refit Assistance" needs by vessel:

Dragonfly (65 foot catamaran)

Transit Preparation Refit - Dragonfly is committed to a long-term "dedicated" vessel for Sea Mercy. Under agreement with Sea Mercy, Dragonfly will be making the 7,500 mile transit from Florida to Tonga in 2014 and will to operate as a FHCC for Sea Mercy for the duration of her life. As a result, they are putting her through some major refits to get her ready. Click on the link for more information on how you can help!

If you are an individual or company that can provide either In-Kind donations or discounted services for our vessels, please let us know via email of your willingness and ability to help.

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