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A Day with Sea Mercy!

From April through October (non-cyclone season), Sea Mercy's fleet of Floating Health Care Clinics carry our volunteer medical, dental and eye care professionals to hundreds of 'at risk' remote islands in the South Pacific. Volunteers join us for a 2-week rotation and visit from 5-7 remote islands in Fiji and Tonga. Our goal in 2018-2019 is to deliver over 250 volunteer medical and dental professionals to over 350 ‘at risk’ remote communities, providing free health care (medical, dental and eye) to over 35,000 new patients.

Making a Difference Since 2013

Operational Season: 6 months. From May to October
Current Island Nations: Fiji and Tonga
Remote Islands: 150+ inhabited remote islands (100+ in Fiji and 50+ in Tonga)
FHCC Vessels: s/v Shine, s/v Oceans
Volunteers: 350+ (doctors, dentists, nurses, PA's, residents, pharmacists, dental hygienists, etc.)
Eye Care Program (thank you Scenic Hotels, Karmoie and Lions Club)

  • Reading Glasses: 12,500 (tested and distributed)
  • Eyejuster (Near-sighted) Glasses: 1000+ (tested and distributed)
  • 100+ diagnosed for future surgery teams

Dental Care Program:

  • Dental Patients: 1,800 treated (2,700+ extractions)

Diabetes Care Program:

  • 6,500+ screened, tested and treated
  • 320+ HbA1c testings

Medical Care Program:

  • Over 30,000 patients were screened, evaluated and treated by our health care team

RISE Program

  • Health Impact Research Study - before and after evaluation and testing to follow the impact of the program
  • Medical Care for the RISE volunteers

Sight & Light Program

  • Bring reading and near-sighted glasses around the world
  • Providing renewable solar lighting for remote island communities

Available Volunteer Assignments

In 2019 we have 9 incredible 2-week rotation opportunities available for our Sea Mercy volunteers. Our rotations will consist of the following combination of health care service volunteers:

    1. Medical Care Services (doctors, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists)
    2. Dental Care Services (dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, technicians)
    3. Ophthalmology Care Services (ophthalmologists, vision assistants)

2019 Schedule - May thru October

For safety reasons, each rotation will include 2 FHCC vessels working together. Each two-vessel rotation will have a minimum of 6 volunteers operating (some up to 10), of which three must be health care related (i.e. doctor, nurse, dentist, and health ministry staff member). This allows our volunteers to bring a spouse/family member* to join them on their rotation as a support crew. Below are the 2019 rotation dates (Rotations marked CLOSED are filled):

1 | Rotation 1 (May 5-18th)
2 | Rotation 2 (May 26-June 8th)
3 | Rotation 3 (June 16-29th)
4 | Rotation 4 (July 7-20th) (CLOSED)
5 | Rotation 5 (July 28-August 10th) (CLOSED)
6 | Rotation 6 (August 18-31st)
7 | Rotation 7 (September 8-21st)
8 | Rotation 8 (September 29th-October 12th)
9 | Rotation 9 (October 20-November2nd)
10 | Emergency Relief Needs (as needed from November to April)

    * For spouses or family members joining the rotation, please understand that this is not a "chartered vacation" and you will be expected to participate in the support and crew activities of the FHCC. If you (and your spouse/family member) are interested in serving on any of the below rotations, be sure to include them when completing the online assignment request form.

2 Week Rotation Schedule:

Day of Week Goals/Activities
Day 0 (Sunday) Volunteers should plan their schedules to be on the island and close to where they will embark the boat. Depending on the rotation schedule and weather forecast the captain may request for you to come on board that day.
Day 1 (Monday) All volunteers will board the FHCC vessels. The specific times and locations will be communicated to you by the FHCC captains. Depending on the schedule and weather the FHCC vessels will then sail to the first remote island. This may or may not involve an overnight sail.
Day 2-6 (Tuesday - Saturday) The FHCC vessels will sail to 1-3 remote islands for patient evaluation, care, training and interaction. There will also be time to relax and enjoy the islands you are visiting.
Day 7 (Sunday) This is a day of rest and relaxation for volunteers. But that can include time on shore interacting with the locals if you would like.
Days 8-11 (Monday - Thursday) The FHCC vessels will sail to 1-3 additional remote islands for patient evaluation and care and enjoying the tropical paradise. Depending on the weather and distance, the FHCC vessels may depart the last island for the final destination on Thursday.
Day 11-12 (Thursday-Friday) After morning patient evaluation and care, the FHCC vessels will begin its return to Taveuni (depending upon which island group you are working in), anchoring that evening in the main harbor.
Day 12 (Friday) Typically FHCC vessels will drop off the volunteers at the predetermined drop-off location. However, depending on the rotation schedule and weather the captain may request for you stay board that night.
Day 13 Volunteers will either stay on the island or depart for home.

Map of Fiji

Volunteer Staff Selection Priority

Our goal is to operate each FHCC in a break-even structure. This requires our volunteers to cover their own costs and why the below health care volunteer selection priority process is used. Should a FHCC rotation not be filled, Sea Mercy's first response will be to reschedule available teams volunteers to other rotations. The FHCC vessels will not sail unless a minimum of six volunteers are operating during a 2 week rotation.

Selection Priority Arrangement
Automatic An organized team of 6 or more volunteers for a rotation (minimum of 3 health care professionals per team)
First Choice Two health care professionals (friends or spouses) willing to share a queen cabin
Second Choice One health care professional and spouse/friend willing to share a queen cabin
Third Choice Single health care professional at single volunteer cost

We understand the challenges of sharing a bed with a friend, but in order to provide a full team and keep the volunteer costs at the lowest possible, this currently is our only available option.

Cost Per Volunteer for 2 week rotation

During your 2 weeks with us, you will be living and traveling on S/V Shine, a beautiful 47' sailing catamaran. Although this will be the most incredible all inclusive "working holiday" you will ever experience, please understand that this is NOT a chartered cruise. A chartered cruise of this nature would cost from $3,500 to $7,500+ US per person for a 2 week period. Instead, our goal is to operate each FHCC vessel at cost, allowing us to operate as many additional FHCC's as possible in the South Pacific. Based on 6 volunteers, below are the per volunteer cost of operating FHCC vessel for a two week period in Fiji.

FHCC Items Costs per Volunteer (2 weeks - US $)
Food $550
Fuel $195
Sea Mercy Operations $250
Maintenance/Crew Charge $1,000
Total $1,995

To participate in any of the above FHCC rotations, please use the form or email us with any questions.

Fundraising Assistance?

We understand that the above opportunity is incredible but the cost can be a little intimidating. We are here to help see your dreams, and the dreams of the remote islanders, come true. If you would like assistance in raising the necessary funds for your rotation, or to help offset the costs, please email us for ideas and tools on how Sea Mercy can help.

How to Register?

Registering for a particular rotation date will be on a first come, first service basis, so register early to lock down your time. Use the below link to register online:

Registration & Assignment Request Form

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