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Welcome to my personal fundraising page!

In 2014 I plan to donate 2 weeks of my life and talents to help meet the needs in the South Pacific by volunteering with a non-profit 501(c)3 organization called Sea Mercy (

Sea Mercy operates a Free Floating Health Care Clinic in the South Pacific (please visit their website for more information). Their mission is simply to "stand in the gap" with a service delivery vessel, trained health volunteers, support equipment and medicines, and critical care services until island nations are able to develop their "outer island" health care infrastructure. I believe in this organization and in my ability to make a difference with my talents.

I'm asking for your help in raising the necessary funds to participate in this incredible opportunity and to help cover the costs of medical supplies and equipment, fuel, food and fees for the two weeks of operation during my volunteer rotation with them. I'm asking for whatever gift or donation you can provide to help me meet that goal.

All donations are tax deductible and any donations submitted through this personal fundraising page goes directly to support my fundraising goals and volunteer work with Sea Mercy. Please email me at, or contact Sea Mercy directly if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support!

Pamrose Sitake Finau

Goal $ 2,500.00
100% towards our goal
$ 2,710.00 raised
Kalani Sitake
$ 500.00
Teki And Betsy Lao
$ 50.00
Brooke And Crystal Lutui
$ 50.00
Natalie Unga
$ 200.00
We're proud of you Pamrose!
Debbie & Mark Speakman
$ 100.00
Pam, thank you for sharing your gifts.
Baby Fesi
$ 50.00
Hokeiti Pouha
$ 250.00
Thank you for serving!
Paea Fonohema
$ 50.00
M. Manatau Jr.
$ 20.00
Good luck Pam.
Chris Laird
$ 50.00
You are awesome Sidecrack!!
The Dane Family
$ 100.00
Linsela Palefau
$ 20.00
Tom & Lani Sitake
$ 100.00
We love you pamrose and are proud of who you are and all that you make happen.
Pine And Ui Mataele
$ 50.00
Ofa Lahi Atu!
Ginny Davis
$ 50.00
You are such an incredible giver, gooooo Pammie!!!
Baby Beni Lutui
$ 20.00
Love you Sis!!!
The Vaitai's 7
$ 50.00
We love you Aunty Pammy!
Lewis Family
$ 50.00
We love you, Pam!
Mum, Pulu & Tuti
$ 100.00
We're so proud of you Pam for all that you do. Love you always
Nikisha (Sadowski) Arp
$ 50.00
What an awesome way to serve Pamrose! I hope people continue to donate & that you reach your goal!!!
Nani Sitake Lolesio
$ 20.00
Dave And Casey Ludlow
$ 50.00
Look forward to being your neighbor soon!
The Danes
$ 100.00
JoJo (Makamaka) Palu
$ 10.00
Great inspiration to others you, good on you Pam.
Olivetti Family
$ 100.00
With love and well wishes on your mission to the Kingdom. God bless you Pam xo
The Jimenez Girls
$ 50.00
I love you Pammie. Thank you for giving back to our people!!
Palu Fonua
$ 50.00
Showing love and support
Ray Ray Hefner
$ 50.00
The South Pacific Is Calling For Help...

Will you help me answer the call?

We are truly blessed here in the US with the medical infrastructure and staff that is available to the majority of our population no matter where we live. We can simply walk, drive or take a bus to receive the help or medicines we need. But in the South Pacific, there are clear and tragic differences between the health care available on the primary islands that we are familiar with, and those on the thousands of remote islands that we know nothing about. There are no roads, power lines, or phone systems to connect the smaller, less populated, islands to the same health care services offered on the more populated, primary islands. Sadly, these remote islands are left without even the most basic of health care services, creating an incredible disparity between the remote islands and primary islands in terms of overall health, infant mortality and immunization rates, and longevity.

This means that simple complications during childbearing and delivery, infections, influenza, exposure to childhood diseases, poor dental hygiene, and even an asthma attack often result in the death of the child or adult. All of these tragedies are easily treatable and more importantly, preventable through the most basic of health care services. Yet with hundreds of miles of open ocean separating them from the nearest hospital, to travel by small open boats is extremely dangerous and costly for someone who's annual income is less than $2,000 year. The only viable solution is to bring regular health care staff and medicines to these remote islanders. That is the need and the reason for this program and my request for your help.

I know that these are tough economic times, but any donation would help those in the South Pacific tremendously. My personal goal is to raise a minimum of $2,500 for Sea Mercy to help cover the costs of medical supplies and equipment, fuel, food and fees for the two weeks of operation during my volunteer rotation with them. I'm asking for whatever gift or donation you can provide to help me meet that personal goal and the ongoing support of this much needed program.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request and please contact me with any questions.

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