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Sailing with a purpose!

We read so many incredible stories from blue water sailors and crews about the beauty of the islands and people they encountered while sailing in the South Pacific, but also the incredible needs they witnessed. At each remote island stop, visiting captains and crews do their best to "make a difference" in these remote islanders lives, yet leave always feeling that there was so much more that could have been done if they only had the resources. Now you can! With Sea Mercy, we have two powerful programs that will allow you to "sail with a purpose" and make a difference in the South Pacific.

    1. Sea Mercy FHCC Captain
    2. Sea Mercy DR Captain

Sea Mercy FHCC Captain

For those who prefer to "sail with a greater purpose", we have the Sea Mercy FHCC Captain program available that can not only change the reason you sail the South Pacific, but perhaps create an opportunity for you to sail there. At Sea Mercy, our goal is to have a Floating Health Care Clinic (FHCC) operating in each of our targeted island nations at the earliest opportunity (i.e. as available funds and vessels allow). Just like establishing a hospital or clinic on land, the most expensive part of operating an FHCC is the initial cost of the vessel. We created our Sea Mercy Captain program not only to reduce/remove the high cost of purchasing a vessel, but to encourage and engage the hearts, talents and vessels of other sailors operating in the South Pacific. We accomplish this by partnering with an existing vessel owner/captain, and focusing our resources on covering the costs of their vessel operating as a FHCC (fuel, food, license, lease expenses, etc.). As a Sea Mercy FHCC, depending upon the size of your vessel, you may be operating as a single service clinic (dental, medical, eye) instead of a full-service (all the above) clinic. We know this unique program is not for everyone, but if the timing is right, it might be right for you.

Planned Months of Operations (April through October)

From November through March, the South Pacific can be a very dangerous place to operate and many vessels head either North or South until the beautiful weather returns. Our Sea Mercy Captains are free to join us based on their schedules (for 1 month or all 7 months) and we are developing further opportunities to operate our FHCC Vessels in lower latitudes during cyclone season. Let us know what works best for you and we will build a FHCC program around it.

Here's how the program works:

  • Owner submits vessel and credentials to Sea Mercy for review through the online form
  • Owner selects island nation region(s) they are willing to operate in
  • Owner selects desired length of service
  • Owner selects number of available operational weeks of service (6 continual weeks minimum, longer periods do not need to be consecutive)
  • Owner determines weekly usage cost/lease of their vessel as a FHCC
  • Sea Mercy performs vessel and captain background check
  • Based on the above criteria, Sea Mercy selects a vessel to operate a FHCC in that island nation

FHCC Vessel minimum requirements:

  • Sailing Catamaran or large monohull (all electronics, navigation, sails, engines, etc. fully operational for blue water sailing)
  • 42+ feet in length, minimum ability to sleep 6 volunteers
  • Able to operate 2-3 continual weeks minimum (with above volunteers) between resupplying for fuel, food, etc.
  • Vessel is located in, or available to travel to the South Pacific region to operate as a FHCC

FHCC Captain minimum requirements (spouses welcome):

  • Experienced Owner/Captain
  • Blue water/charter sailing experience
  • Personable and able to work well with others
  • A heart for the people of the South Pacific
  • More requirements, but you get the general idea as to who we are looking for

Sea Mercy DR Captain

In addition to our Floating Health Care Clinic (FHCC) vessels, we have our Sea Mercy Disaster Relief fleet (DR) vessels who are available to deliver emergency and disaster relief assistance to island nations recovering from recent disasters. DR's are large sailing vessels (mono and catamaran) that have notified and registered with Sea Mercy and are willing to sail into disaster zone to assist island nations in the delivery of food, water, medicines and care to their remote islands.

Requirement to be a DR vessel is as follows:

  • Register your vessels with Sea Mercy (online) for evaluation and approval
  • Vessel must reside in the South Pacific and have blue water capability
  • Keep Sea Mercy notified of your current location (to know who is available)
  • Vessel must be able to carry food, water, and medicines to stricken areas
  • Vessels must be able to operate for a minimum of 4 weeks per emergency assignment
  • Vessels must have email communication ability at sea.

When a disaster occurs, Sea Mercy will begin to reach out to our island nation partners to offer our assistance to deliver emergency services to their remote islands. If our service is requested, Sea Mercy will begin contacting the nearest DR vessels to see if they are available to assist the island nation in need. Based on the need, Sea Mercy will select the number of vessels needed and begin developing an operational plan that will arrange for the necessary initial and ongoing staff and supplies needed to deliver the necessary aid to the remote islands affected.

Become a FHCC or DR Captain

For more information on becoming a DR vessel, email us or use the online Sea Mercy Captain Form to apply. We hope we never have to make that call, but it is nice to know there is someone there willing to help if we do. If you and your vessel would like to be considered for a Sea Mercy Captain opportunity, please go to the below link and complete the online form. Please email us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!

Sea Mercy Captain Form

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