Batiki Island Rebuilding Projects

Batiki Island

Batiki has a population of over 300 people living in the four villages on the island: Yavu, Mua, Manuku, Naigani. Of the four villages, Naigani was the hardest hit and in need of the greatest assistance and the primary focus of our rebuilding efforts on Batiki Island.

Naigani Village Projects

When Cyclone Winston struck, what the 200 mph winds did not destroy, the tidal surge that came with it attempted to finish the devastation. Everything of value in the village was either blown away or washed away while the villagers huddled on the rocky hillsides. Out of the 18 homes that once stood in Naigani, only one brick house remains and even it was severally damaged. The tidal surge cracked water storage tanks, destroyed the public toilets, and washed out the windows and pews from the only church in the village. 3 months since the storm has passed, there is still massive amounts of debris everywhere that needs to be removed before the rebuilding can begin.

Sea Mercy arrived a few days after the Winston to witness first-hand the devastation it caused and to deliver tents, food, water and medical care to those still living there. Since then we have returned multiple times with additional aid and assistance and installed a desalination unit for clean drinking water for the village. However, we need to put in motion the specific rebuilding needs if we are to help return them to the thriving and healthy communities they were before Winston. Below is a list of the projects that Sea Mercy has committed to assist the people on Batiki in rebuilding:

    Roofing structures - Build 8 roofing structures with guttering next to existing water catchment tanks

    Rebuild Methodist Church - General reform to church. Paint walls, paint floor, replace glass louvres, repair ceiling panels, Repair porch roof

    Reform Brackish Well - Clean out old surface water well and reform

    Copra Drier - Supply and install new Copra drier

    Teaching Gardening - Teach how to plant seeds, composting and any other gardening skills

    Clear path across island - Clear path from Naigani to the Hospital/ across island

    Clear debris - Clear away debris from Naigani village, recycle building materials

    Build temporary toilets - Build 9 toilet facilities using existing septic tanks

    Build Kindy - Build small Kindy for 8 kids

    New shower block - Rebuild showers

Ways you can help

We have 10 Sea Mercy volunteer vessels and our dedicated Landing Craft supporting our Lomaiviti Group (Makogai and Batiki) projects through July. There currently is no available government funding for the supplies and building materials needed to rebuild the above school and homes. As a result, Sea Mercy is responsible for the cost of the lumber, concrete, water tanks, roofing, guttering and building tools and supplies (and fuel for the Landing Craft) and responsible for pulling together the talent and labor needed to assist the islanders.

    Volunteer - We need carpenters, plumbers, roofers, and laborers who are willing to join us for one week or longer to help during the rebuilding. Register Online to join us in Fiji!

    Financial Support - The building materials are available in Suva and Nadi, but Sea Mercy has used the majority of our reserve funds to purchase Emergency Response Aid. We need additional financial help from individuals and organizations if we are to purchase the rebuilding supplies needed for Naigani. Please use the below Donation link to help support our efforts:

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