RISE Volunteer Transport Schedule

Sea Mercy's Landing Craft will pick you up and drop you off at Lawaki Beach

Getting to the RISE Program and back

Learning from past volunteer scheduling experiences, making sure that scheduling flights and transfers to the program locations are simple and easy is crucial. Below is the set pickup and transfer schedule for Sea Mercy's RISE Program volunteers. Due to the transport cost and time expense required for these fixed transport arrangements, you will need to build your travel arrangements around the below schedule.

Missed Connections: Any deviations on your part from this set schedule that results in you missing these set pickup times could not only affect your volunteer time with us, any corrective transfers solutions that are required to either catch up or complete the transfers will be at your own expense. We understand there are unforeseen circumstances that can arise and we will do our best to assist you in finding a solution, but Sea Mercy does not have the financial resources to adjust the above schedule (send a vessel on another day to pick you up), nor is it fair to adjust or impact other volunteers scheduled time with us.

Weather: Your safety is extremely important to us and although the RISE Program is being implemented during one of the best weather times in the South Pacific, unforeseen weather can still affect our ability to pick you up or drop you off at the designated times. We monitor the weather forecasts daily and should dangerous weather forecasts impact the transfer times, it may require us to depart earlier than planned (hours/day) or the transfer could take longer than expected, which is why we ask you to allow ample room for flexibility in your flight departure times.

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