OmniAccess - Global VSAT Communications Donation

“My compliments for your great initiative. It is very encouraging to see the yachting community provide real 1:1 “hands on” help rather than just sailing through these areas without any greater purpose.”
Bertrand Hartman, CEO OmniAccess

OmniAccess - Donates Full Global VSAT Comm Package for Sea Bridge One

OmniAccess Marine Network Solutions, one of the world’s leading marine network solutions provider for Superyachts, has joined the growing list of benevolent International Yachting Community members who are donating their valuable products and services to help enhance the effectiveness of the new 35m Sea Bridge One vessel being built for Sea Mercy ( and becoming a local hotspot (internet and communication) for our fleet and support vessels.

Since 2013, Sea Mercy’s First Response Fleet has responded to three category 5 Cyclones in the South Pacific the past 4 years; Tonga (Ian) in 2014, Vanuatu (Pam) in 2015 and Fiji (Winston) in 2016. Whether it’s calling in patient evaluation and transport needs from a village, or sending detailed Disaster Evaluation Reports and images to the acting National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) leadership for aid approval, without a powerful satellite communication package in place, your effectiveness as an aid organization is greatly limited.

“We have been involved in similar projects, and are very much aware of the key role that satellite communications can often play in such situations. Not only does it offer immediate important operational benefits (such as telemedicine and comms-disaster relief in your case), but critically it also allows you to create awareness, visibility and transparency regarding the good work you are doing.”
Bertrand Hartman, CEO OmniAccess.

Whether the satellite communication support requirements were being used for Sea Mercy’s disaster response, health care, education & research, or economic development programs, OmniAccess wanted to ensure all the needs were met. After carefully reviewing those requirements, OmniAccess is donating (FOC) the following Global VSAT communication package and equipment to empower the Sea Bridge One vessel:

  • IT/Comms System Design (system drawings and functional diagrams).
  • IT/Comms Hardware (stabilized VSAT antenna, iDirect modem and Plexus core routing & control system). In addition, a long-range WiMAX outdoor network and two battery-powered WiMAX/WiFi repeaters, including installation and commissioning.
  • VSAT Connectivity & VoIP Telephony service that can be used throughout the Pacific Ocean.

“Our goal with Sea Bridge One is to keep our build and operational costs as low as possible without compromising our programs. OmniAccess’ incredible donation has allowed us to greatly expand the effectiveness and the number of our programs and safety of our teams, while keeping our costs low.” Richard Hackett, President, Sea Mercy.

With over 100 yachts participating in Sea Mercy programs around the world, Sea Mercy embraces our de facto role as a benevolent arm of the International Yachting Community and more and more members are coming together to support their efforts.

With our sights set on helping the thousands of forgotten and ‘at risk’ remote island communities in the South Pacific and around the world, we meet a very unique niche with our approach. Sea Bridge One and our volunteer fleet go where others cannot. Cruising sailors can access areas where local Governments have neither the resources nor vessels to access. Importantly, many of these communities live within atolls with narrow or shallow entries, and without major harbours or jetties for land access. Limitations arose with sailors’ lack of capacity to ship large amounts of heavy supplies across seas, often upwind and loaded to the max. Multiple journeys were taxing vessels and crews alike. The idea for a sustainable, shallow, strong mother-ship was born.

Sea Mercy would like to express our sincere thanks to the leadership and team of OmniAccess for their incredible “communications” gift for our Sea Bridge One program and the impact it will have for the people of the South Pacific. We are honoured to have you as one of our Sea Bridge One Champions.

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